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WOODEN POSTCARDS - Inspired by the wooden postcards that were printed in the early 1900s here at Love Wood Prints we have added a new modern touch to the much loved traditional wooden postcard. Using our environmentally friendly low energy print system we print directly to the surface of birch plywood which ingrains a durable UV ink directly into the grain of the wood. Wooden postcards are stylish and with the grain of the wood running through each image every custom printed wooden postcard is individually unique. All the wood we use is carefully selected from sustainable farmed wood stocks so there is no deforestation or adverse impact on our environment. Wooden postcards are adaptable, they are a postcard but they can be a keepsake or a gift all rolled up into one. Whatever the occasion wooden postcards are great to send to friends, family or for business use. Simply write with a ball point pen and pop in the post at standard rates. Every custom  printed postcard from Love Wood Prints is finished by hand leaving a beautiful smooth natural finish which shows the natural grain of the wood, vibrant colours yet with subtle tones that allow the natural beauty of the wood to come shining through. We love our custom printed wooden postcards and we hope that you will too.

Wooden Postcards - Custom Print (Qty 25)
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Wooden Postcards - Custom Print (Qty 50)
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Wooden Postcards - Custom Print (Qty 100)
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