Love Wood Prints

Your Photographs, Memories and Artwork Printed on Wood

Are you an Artist, Designer or Photographer looking for a new medium on which to display your work ?

Now you can showcase your masterpieces on a canvas of wood. Anything you can imagine, we can print directly onto a canvas of sustainable farmed birch plywood, creating a durable, beautiful image that you'll be proud to display.

Printing artwork on wood gives you new options for transforming and enhancing your original piece of art in ways that are not possible on traditional canvas. Using two finish options, we are able to make your masterpieces even better. Our natural option adds depth and character to your print by emphasizing the natural beauty of the wood canvas. In areas of lighter color, the wood grain shows through the ink, allowing unique imperfections of the grain and random knots in the wood to be seen, and adding a subtle vintage feel. Prints with darker colors take on a more dramatic tone because of the heavy contrast between the artwork and the organic wood canvas, making your print unique. Alternatively, our bright white finish does not allow the wood grain to show through your print as much, creating the most true to color, photographic quality print. This is a perfect option for those who love the elegance and durability of wood combined with the vibrant colors of the original image.

Whether it's one of a kind artwork, precious photos of your clients wedding, or even unique marketing displays, the possibilities are endless. The wood grain tells a story on its own. Like fingerprints, no two sheets of birch plywood have the same wood grain pattern. This is what makes wood prints stand out so much from other print substrates. When the wood grain shows through in the artwork or photos, as it does with our natural or to a lesser extent with our bright white finishes, the piece is emphasized by subtle organic tones of the actual wood grain. You could easily argue that the grain patterns themselves are worthy of attention, but the combination of both wood grain and custom artwork is what makes the wood print art really stand out. Better still, since the grain patterns in wood are like fingerprints, each piece of art printed on wood, regardless of whether or not it is printed in quantity, is completely different and unique.

Every wood print from Love Wood Prints is hand finished leaving a smooth natural finish, vibrant colours and subtle tones that allow the natural beauty of the wood grain to shine through. To cater for your specific needs we can create custom shapes, sizes and bespoke finished wood canvas sizes to suit.

If you would like to add wood prints to your portfolio or would like any further information please don't hesitate to contact us.

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