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Wood Print - What Exactly is a Wood Print ? -
We are asked this question all the time. The answer is simple. A wood print is exactly what it sounds like. We take digital photos and images which we print directly onto sustainable farmed birch plywood. Wood photo prints differ from other methods like photo mounting and dye sublimation printing on wood in that it does not print the picture on paper first and then glue or heat transfer the picture to the wood surface. The picture is literally printed directly onto the wood surface allowing the ink to gently fuse into the grain of the wood, providing a richer, more vibrant result which allows the beauty of the wood to shine through.

What File Formats do you Accept ? - The best file formats to send to us are a high resolution JPEG or Tiff files. We like to have an image size of at least 150dpi when scaled to the size of Wood Print you are ordering. This is to insure a good quality wood print is produced. It’s the responsibility of the individual placing the order to ensure they upload a good quality image. Our automatic print quality checker will not accept files under 150dpi as it is our belief that the finished print quality would not be acceptable to you.

Will my new Wood Print Come with a Stand ? - Sizes as indicated on the website 6"x 6",  8"x 8",  5"x 7",  8"x 8",  8"x 10",  9"x12"  &  12"x12" will have a signature keyhole fixing carved into the top of the wood panel as well as a FREE wooden stand supplied to allow for table / desktop display of your new wood print.

Will my Wood Print Look Exactly Like my Photograph / Artwork ? -
No it will not be an exact replication. It will look even better ! We are printing on wood. The distinct character, blemishes and wood grain of each wood canvas will merge with your photo creating a unique one of a kind print. Unless you opt for our bright white option any white areas of your image will be the natural colour of the wood showing through. This gives it a warm, natural tone throughout your photo. For details of finish options available please see the Finish Options below.

Are Products from Love Wood Prints Environmentally Friendly ? - All our wood print panels are carefully selected from sustainable farmed wood stocks so there is no deforestation or adverse impact on our environment. We also use an environmentally friendly low energy print process which gently fuses the ink directly into the grain of the wood.

Do you Offer Custom Sized Wood Prints ? - If you have a custom size or ratio that you are looking for and it is not listed on our website, we do offer custom sizing. This is considered to be a special order product. Please be aware that production time is 2-3 weeks. Custom sized wood prints are excluded from any discounts or promotions.

How Do I Mount My New Wood Print on the Wall ? - Hanging your new wood print is quick and easy using our distinctive keyhole fixings. All you need do is fix a screw securely to the wall, then position the wood print so that the screw head fits into the keyhole. Finally slide the wood print horizontally until it hangs level.

How Do I Take Care of my New Wood Print ? - Taking care of a wood print is just as easy as taking care of any other piece of art, and in general, the same rules apply. Make sure to use only a damp, 100% cotton or microfiber cloth when wiping dust off your wood print. Do not get it wet, scratch, or wipe the front with abrasive materials.

Image Problems
- If you would like any advise regarding the suitability of your images or you have any problems uploading your images to us you can email them to us at

Natural Finish Wood Prints - Natural finish is our most popular prints on wood option, this natural finish works well with almost any type of image. The natural earthy tones of the finish complement photographs and artwork depicting landscapes, memorable occasions or images that have a significant amount of negative space. Your image is printed using the wood itself as a natural canvas which then allows the distinct character, blemishes and wood grain of the natural wood to shine through. Your image will not be an exact replication. We think it will will look even better! Any white areas in your image will be the natural color of the wood shining through. This will give your wood print a warm and natural tone throughout your image. If you have any questions or would like any further information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Bright White Finish Wood Prints - Inspired by the feedback from our customers who enjoyed the look and feel of a natural wood print but wanted to maintain the brighter colours and detail of their image, we offer the Bright White print option. The bright white print finish will show less texture from the natural grain of the wood through the image. The natural hue of the wood print is replaced by a white canvas, giving the most true to colour wood print option. This option is ideal for wedding photos, family portraits, and any other image containing large amounts of white, shadow or detail.

Fonts Options Available - The following list shows the fonts that are available to choose from when you select any Custom Wood Print that includes a text option.


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