Love Wood Prints

Your Photographs, Memories and Artwork Printed on Wood


At Love Wood Prints we have a passion for printing on wood. We are a family owned company and using our low energy print process we take your photographs, artwork and memories and print them directly on to premium birch plywood resulting in super vibrant colors whilst retaining high quality and without sacrificing any clarity. Taking photos is one of the best ways to keep great memories close to us forever. Here at Love Wood Prints we thought there could be a better way to have your photos printed and displayed. By printing your photos on wood, it brings more life to your imagery and totally changes the way it looks, virtually creating a new memory.

Here at Love Wood Prints we make sure our wood prints stand apart from traditional paper photos or canvas prints available. Instead of printing on traditional paper or canvas, we print directly on premium birch plywood. Resulting in vibrant colors and tones without having to sacrifice any of the clarity. We are as unique as the wood on which we capture your memories and as individual as your images and art that inspires you. Printing photographic images and artwork directly onto sustainably farmed wood, produces personalised and distinctive works of wood art for friends, family, for the home, the office and for retail use such as businesses, shops, restaurants and bars.

All our panels are carefully selected from sustainable farmed wood stocks so there is no deforestation or any other adverse impact on our environment. Every wood print will vary with the wood grain, no two finished wood prints are exactly the same, making each wood print unique. All our wood print start by being cut to size and shape before being carefully sanded and finally printed using our unique print process which gently fuses the ink directly into the grain of the wood. Every wood print from Love Wood Prints is hand finished leaving a smooth natural finish, vibrant colours and subtle tones that allow the natural beauty of the wood grain to shine through.


About Love Wood Prints