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Your Photographs, Memories and Artwork Printed on Wood

Gifts for Him - Preserve you and your Dad’s favourite memories by printing your favourite pictures onto natural wood with Love Wood Prints. A family business, we understand the importance of loved ones, so we strive to produce high quality pieces our family would be proud of and yours will love. Below we have collated some of the finest pieces from our collection, best suited to celebrating your father and everything he’s done for you over the years.

Our elegant, timeless pieces will be a talking point in your Dad’s office or home for years to come and will fit right in on his desk or walls. Of course, whilst a picture tells a thousand words, sometimes a thousand words is not enough to express your love for your Dad, which is why we have a range of collage prints. And if images just aren’t enough, we also have options with text, to make it even more personal, allowing you to add that book quote you both love from when you read together when you were little. 

Help the environment whilst you help yourself… Our natural, 12mm birch plywood panels are responsibly sourced so you don’t need to worry about contributing to deforestation when you buy from us. We are very conscious of how an industry like ours could contribute to global warming, which is why we use low energy printing processes to produce your pictures and make them right here in the UK to reduce the amount of times the print is transported before it reaches you.  

Apart from its small environmental impact, wooden canvases are also a fab way to display your picture for other reasons. For one, the final result is completely unique, owing to the fingerprint-like properties of the wood’s grain. Furthermore, its neutral background colour means it will fit in with any existing décor.  

So, whether it’s your boyfriends birthday, a perfect Christmas gift or Father’s Day, we know you will find the perfect way to display your photos on our website. The process is super easy, so, before you know it, you’ll have the perfect gift on its way to your father. But if you have your own concept that you would like to bring to life, then be sure to contact us about our custom projects.

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